The Fusker Button

The fusker button is a small one-line application that preforms a fusker on a given site.
It's that small that it can be saved as a bookmark and it can also run form out of that bookmark.

And this is how you make this bookmarklet :

For firefox users:
1. Make sure your Links or Bookmarks toolbar is enabled: View > Toolbars > Bookmarks/Links
2. Drag the button below to your bookmarks toolbar.

For IE users:
1. Right click the button.
2. Add to favorites. (you may get a warning, just accept it)
3. Place it on your Favorites toolbar.

Fusker button.

If you click this bookmark a javascript window will open where you can enter your fusker
The syntax is the same as from most fuskers "[0001-0100].jpg"

An Example:

Go to (or any other common site).
Click the fusker bookmarklet.
Copy this "[01-20].jpg" into the prompt box.
Click "OK" and enjoy your fusker....

Important things to know:


You may not use the fuskerbutton with the purpose to show illegal contend.
You may not use the fusker button with the purpose to damage other sites.
You are responsible for the use of the fuskerbutton.

Happy Fuskering